Rethink the Delivery of Genetic Testing

Genetics From Home provides flexibility and convenience to help continue your clinical care when your patients cannot attend their in person appointments.

Integrate genetic testing in the remote management of your patients to ensure critical diagnoses are not delayed

Complete and return a test form

Download and choose from: chromosomal microarray, fragile X, pharmacogenetics, and whole exome sequencing. Send it back via one of the following:

Fax: (801) 931-6201 
Upload link: 
Physician portal:


A patient services coordinator will contact the family to review estimated out-of-pocket (EOOP) information, get approval and offer to schedule genetic counseling at no additional cost over the phone.

We won't proceed until your patients agree.

Lineagen will contact your patient


Once confirmed, a cheek swab test kit will be sent to your patient's home with self-swabbing and lab return instructions. Swabbing is easy and painless - watch this short video.

Cheek swab is sent to patient's home


Physician notification and results

The ordering physician will be notified when a patient sample is received and started in the lab. Once results are ready, the ordering physician may schedule a return visit to share results or do so remotely (our genetic counselors are also available for post-test genetic counseling)


Genetics From Home is a new program to make testing accessible to all patients

Scalable, flexible and easy for both you and families

Supported by a cast of genetic counselors and geneticists to help enhance your circle of care

Transparency and no surprise bills

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Need help or have questions?

Need help or have questions?

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